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On Sale at vente-privee: Paul Stuart and Phineas Cole

Sale starts today, April 5th, at 10am Eastern.

vente-privee is killing it these days, easily outstripping flash sale competitors like MyHabit and Ruelala in terms of desirability of goods on sale. They notch another win today with a sale featuring Paul Stuart, the venerable American menswear label best known for often colorful, high quality tailored clothing and sportswear. I own an older tweed jacket from Paul Stuart that I picked up from eBay—beautiful colors and full-canvas construction. I don’t know if the more recent offerings from Paul Stuart are up to the same standard, but they’re still very good, and this sale represents pretty steep discounts from the regular retail prices.

I’m able to share a bit of information about what will be available for this sale, with some samples pictured above: sport coats starting at $389, suits at $515, cotton trousers at $99, and wool trousers at $129. The sale also features sport coats and trousers from Phineas Cole, a slimmer-fitting, more aggressively-styled line Paul Stuart introduced in 2008. The Phineas Cole sport coats start at $389, but on average are a bit pricier than the Paul Stuart jackets. Trousers start at $135.

If you’re not yet a member of vente-privee, please consider joining through my referral link.