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Updates to the eBay Shoe Search

Reader José* recommended a few great tweaks to the eBay shoe search, so I’ve updated the original post. New search linked below for your convenience.

eBay Search for Quality Shoes


  • Added Charles Tyrwhitt to the list of brands
  • Added Shipton & Heneage to the list of brands
  • Expanded search to include all Ralph Lauren, not just Purple Label
  • Mitigated the crap that last change will include by excluding most sneakers, flip flops, trainers, sandals, and the word “Chaps”

José also suggested adding Paraboot, though he noted it brings up a ton of ugly footwear as well. After taking a look at the results I opted to leave it out, but keep that brand on your radar as another one worth looking at if you don’t mind wading through tons of results.

* I haven’t said this in a while: this blog has the most awesome readership I can imagine. Thanks so much for making this so much fun.

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