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On Sale at MyHabit: Scott James Gert Cord Trousers, $59 (from $175)

I’ve written in the past about how hard it is to find corduroy pants for under $100 that are cut like trousers instead of five-pocket pants. In my ongoing search, the product photos and description for these cords from Scott James intrigued me enough to take a chance on them. It’s always a bit risky trying a brand you’re no familiar with, but I’m glad I did.

The pictures make it obvious that these fit the bill for corduroy trousers, with some nice details to boot, like the extended tab closure, front coin pocket, and split waistband.

But they’re also representative of another rare kind of casual pant—slim-fitting 8-wale corduroys. Wide-wale cords tend to be more casual, but when fuller-fitting they can look kind of frumpy. The Scott James trousers are anything but—they actually look too slim in the product photo, judging by how they fit the model. In person, however, I found the trousers fit rather well, keeping in mind one caveat: they are mercilessly true-to-size. If you get a pair, opt for your true waist size and not the “vanity” size sold in department stores. Sized correctly, you’ll get a great-looking and great-fitting pair of mid-rise cords that skim the thighs and gently taper below the knee to a not-too-narrow leg opening— about 7.75” for the size 34 I wear.

I should note that the wales only appear on the outside of the fabric, so you won’t be able to cuff these trousers. I figure that also means they don’t insulate as well, but I found them quite warm.

I picked up a pair in the camel color pictured above, but these are also available in navy, grey, and olive—the latter of which I’m thinking of picking up for myself. There are still quite a few sizes available, but stock is low, so get them while you can.

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