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On Sale at J. Press: 40% to 75% off York Street

Kinda unintuitive navigation—to see everything on sale, you need to click through the 40% off, 60% off, and 75% off links.

Until now, I honestly haven’t looked much at York Street, the line J. Press created in collaboration with Ovadia & Sons to try to capture a younger demographic. It launched to much #menswear fanfare, but once I got the sense that it was too expensive and cut too short and too slim, I didn’t bother looking.

With a sale on, though, I’ve taken a closer look. And while I’ll stay away from the tailored jackets, I found a few other things intriguing, especially at mall brand prices.

Bow Tie Tassel Loafer, $108
Made in the USA, double leather sole, and leather that looks an awful lot like Horween Chromexcel.

Merino Schoolboy Stripe Scarf, $30
Handsome colors, and it looks long enough to tie a decent knot, too.

Herringbone Rucksack, $83

Thermal Henley, $34

Upland Denim Hunting Shirt, $58
Fun details on this one.

Vintage Reverse Sweatshirt, $34
I like this, but my wife says “it reminds me of something forty-year-old guys in the 80’s wore to try to hide their bellies.” Ouch.

Russell Flannel Shirt, $58
I own too many blue shirts, but this one looks extra-comfy for fall and winter.

MacArthur Military Popover, $58

Should note that shipping is relatively expensive, and there are no returns on any of these. I also have no idea how they’ll fit, nor the general quality of the line. From what little I can gather online, quality may be a step above J. Crew, and it looks like a guy with a 38” chest like me might need to wear a Medium or even a Large.

Weird, since in many brands I’m a Small. Might be safer to stick with the shoes and accessories.

Does anyone have experience with York St. fit?

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  3. jozefgrag said: I have a york street sweater in a medium. I’m on the slim side, and it is one of my best fitting sweaters, especially around the torso. You don’t realize how boxy other sweaters can be.
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  6. suavebynature said: The York St. fit is definitely slimmer than anything else you’ll find at J. Press. I reviewed the Russell shirt… — I’m fan and disappointed its seem to be done
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