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Two things I’ve been eying at MyHabit:

Christopher Fischer cashmere cable knit v-neck for $53
Reduced in the last couple days from $88, with an original retail price of $350. Cheap cashmere is generally not a good idea, as it suggests the manufacturer used a looser knit or lower-grade, shorter hairs. That often means a sweater that’s very soft and warm, but that wears out more quickly. You’ve got to wonder about the quality of a cashmere sweater that’s dropped to $53, but Christopher Fischer makes sweaters for a number of other brands and has a decent reputation online. There are a few brief, positive reviews (though one always wonders about how knowledgeable that person is) and nothing negative that I can find. Three colors still available.

Florsheim by Duckie Brown Brogue Boot for $139
I finally handled some of Florsheim’s welted footwear this past summer, and found it decent, if not spectacular. The leather is decent and the construction seems solid, but the finishing could be better. That said, this particular shoe has a nice design, and $139 is a really good price for a Goodyear-welted dress boot. 

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