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I'm a small guy. A really small guy. I'm talking 5"3 and about 120 lbs. but it's to be expected with a filipino father that is barely five feet tall. I've given up on wearing men's clothes and I've found that children's clothes fit me quite well. A blazer for 12 year olds fits me like a glove. This is both a blessing and curse. A blessing because clothes come cheaper and a curse because the options are very limited. Do you have any recommendations when it comes to stores with a more "fashionable" pre-teen's line. Or even recommendations when it comes to stores with very small sizes?

Keep in mind men's extra smalls are even a little baggy for me.

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Thanks for the question. :)

At about 5’7”, I’ve checked out the boys’ section once or twice, but have yet to make a purchase — usually, my waist is too big. That said, I recently read an intriguing article about shopping in Ralph Lauren Kids for a fashion columnist who’s 5’9”. I took a quick look at their selection, and it seems solid.

Short Shrifted is a great blog for men like us, run by a fellow named Josh Rogers (who, if I remember correctly, is also 5’3”). His post on that article I mentioned has some good comments, too (such as trying the boys’ section at Hickey Freeman). Josh also has over 200 bookmarks on the topic.

Finally, this is a very comprehensive (though somewhat out-of-date) guide to retailers with products that fit smaller men.

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