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Worst Wardrobe Investment Ever: Over-the-Calf Dress Socks

Speaking of over-the-calf dress socks

Style blogs often talk about “investing” in clothes and justify especially large purchases as “investments.” Well, to quote Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” 

Taking the dictionary definition of investment, the Pantherella dress socks I purchased are likely to be one of the worst investments I ever made. After wearing them for the first time, all of my other socks suddenly seemed woefully inadequate. It’s quite likely I’ll be buying more over-the-calf dress socks as a result of that first $15 purchase. In fact, I’ll probably be replacing most of my socks with them. This works out very quickly to an abysmal rate of return: we’re talking hundreds, if not thousands of percentage points in the red.

Over-the-calf dress socks: if you’re serious about investing in clothes, stay away from them.

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  2. nqiri said: The word is used when justifying expensive purchases in cases where the item purchased outlasts cheaper alternatives, leading to a long-run cost reduction. Unless you know anything about the longevity your socks, you’re incorrectly using the term.
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    Thisfits is right - I can’t believe how nice these are. And to answer another reblogger’s question - yes, they alleviate...
  4. badscene said: I hate to sound like a cheapskate here, but Kirkland over-the-calf dress socks are cheap and get the job done. They may not be quite as colorful and stylish as some Pantherella, but they’re perfect as navy work-horses.
  5. thesilentist said: I can appreciate high-end socks, but yeah, I just can’t justify overhauling that part of my wardrobe yet.
  6. oneagainstnature said: As someone who’s never owned over-the-calf socks, do they really alleviate the “sagging sock syndrome” that’s inescapable with shorter socks? That is my main concern, and if so I am more than willing to start overhauling my hosiery.
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