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Suit Review: Belvest on Yoox

As some of you may recall, I was skeptical enough about the $468 Belvest suits I found on Yoox to order one for a hands-on review. The package arrived late last week, and I finally had time to snap some pictures yesterday morning.

The first thing I did on removing the jacket from the box was the “pinch test”—pulling apart the inner and outer fabric below the bottom button, trying to feel a third layer floating in-between. I found one. That middle layer is the canvas, and when it’s distinct from the outer fabric, that indicates that the jacket is fully-canvassed—a feature that allows for better shape and drape. That alone suggests that this suit is a great deal—full canvas construction is expensive, and typically reserved for suits that retail north of the $1000 mark.

There are other little signs of quality throughout. The lapel buttonhole is open, although it lacks a complementary keeper thread underneath. The trousers feature a French fly with extended tab closure, as well as some nice pick-stitching along the pockets. I think the latter is especially relevant in light of the fact that there’s no visible pick-stitching on the jacket. Since pick-stitching has become synonymous with quality, some makers seem to try to make it very visible in as many places as possible. The effect is rather gaudy. I like that Belvest tastefully opted to limit it to a place where almost no one but the wearer can appreciate it.

Of course, great construction doesn’t mean much if the suit doesn’t fit well. Nailing the shoulder width is most important—it seems most jackets run an inch too broad for me, but the Belvest fit me snugly in the shoulders. The armholes are high; the shoulder slope barely moves when I lift or cross my arms. There’s also some nice waist suppression, with minimal pulling at the button. The jacket runs too short for a Regular—28.5” from the bottom of the collar—but it’s perfect for me as a 38 Short. The trousers are slim but not tight, with an unhemmed leg opening of 7.5”.

Styling and silhouette is pretty typical of what’s in vogue among the Italian makers these days—along with the short jacket mentioned above, the lapel gorge and button stance are high, though not egregiously so. The shoulders are roped and very lightly padded.

I assume the fabrics for the Belvest suits on Yoox vary from model to model—this one is a navy tonal stripe Super 150s. That immediately calls into question the durability of the suit, as high Super numbers generally correlate with very fine but delicate fabric. It’s not a hard and fast rule, though. 

One weird thing—while there is a Belvest tag, there’s no Belvest label on the inside of the jacket, at least, none that I could find. Also, while the jacket sleeves are unfinished, the suit didn’t come with sleeve buttons to take to your tailor (yes, I checked all the pockets), so those will need to be purchased separately. Yoox sometimes misses these sorts of things; I just take it as part and parcel with dealing with a massive luxury goods overstock liquidator.

Something else Yoox missed — they’re usually pretty good at obfuscating the original retail price of garments, but inside one of the breast pockets I found a price tag with “€1250” scrawled on it in pencil. That works out to over $1,650. That’s about half what I originally estimated for the retail value of these suits, but $468 is still over 70% off.

So what’s my conclusion? This is a fantastic suit. In fact, I’m mulling over just ending my search for a new staple navy suit and declaring this Belvest the winner.

 There are still a few of these suits left on Yoox; I’ve included links below with updated information about sizes available.

Navy, Size 44

Three-Piece Navy, Size 44

Mid-Grey and Dark Grey, Sizes 42 and 46

Charcoal Grey, Sizes 42, 44, and 46

Charcoal, Sizes 46 and 48

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