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My wife and I just got back from a relaxing 24-hour getaway to the Sonoma Valley, for what we described as a “Birthday-Birthday-Babymoon-Anniversary” Trip. It was my way to make up for not really getting a chance to celebrate her birthday (in November), celebrating my birthday (today!), getting a break in before the birth of our second child, and celebrating our 5th anniversary a few months early since it falls within days of said second child’s due date (late July). Phew.

We packed light—a single duffel for both of us—and I used the opportunity to road test two pairs of pants I received courtesy of Khaki’s of Carmel. Part of an in-house line developed by owner Jim Ockert, they’re both tailored in New York City with a not-too-full, not-too-slim classic fit.

For the hour-and-a-half drive down to Sonoma, I wore a blue gingham buttondown collar shirt and these amazing dress chinos from Khaki’s, made from a British dress twill in a beautifully rich golden brown. The fabric is sturdy and dense, holding a crease well if you want to dress them up, but after a few washes I’ve taken to wearing them unpressed and a little rumpled.

For dinner, I threw on an unstructured blazer and changed into Khaki’s grey wool-cashmere dress trousers. I was a bit worried about folding them into the duffel, honestly, as I didn’t know if I’d have time to iron them. Amazingly, they came out of the duffel unwrinkled, a testament to the quality of the fabric. They look a bit messy below the knee, but that’s because they’re catching on my over-the-calf socks, a weird problem I have due to my biggish calves. To be frank, I should’ve known better than to pack OTC socks. Sockless, the trousers drape beautifully.

The next day, or itinerary was simple: explore downtown Sonoma, grab a nice lunch, and then head home. I was back in the Khaki’s dress chinos, but this time with a polo.

Pictured above: View near our room at the Kenwood Inn & Spa; antipasto misto at Della Santina’s; fireplace in our room at the Kenwood Inn & Spa

What I Wore

Dress chinos and wool-cashmere trousers: Courtesy of Khaki’s of Carmel

Blazer: Boglioli

Pocket Square: Hermès (eBay)

Shirt: Courtesy of Hucklebury

Polo: Kent Wang

Boots: Loake

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  1. thesilentist said: Congrats on all the many great events in your family’s life. I love Sonoma and can’t wait to get back later this year. The rolling hills there feel like a painting.
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  5. brokeandbespoke said: Happy Birthday Aliotsy, and congratulations on the second incoming baby!!
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    Happy birthday, Aliotsy! The pants look great. Kiyoshi is getting in on a great thing I think.
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