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Is a khaki cotton suit an essential part of a man's wardrobe? What suits (under $500) do you recommend?

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No, a khaki cotton suit isn’t essential.

I’ve kind of become jaded when it comes to the term “essential.” There are a few core items that are pretty much essential to a complete wardrobe for any modern man of moderate means looking to dress like a grown-up. But I’ve also seen “essential” attached to items that aren’t. That can be confusing for guys just starting out and lead to unnecessary purchases.

I wonder if we use the term to downplay guilt and justify adding new items to our ever-expanding wardrobes.

It ultimately comes down to locale and lifestyle. Are you attending a lot of events that require dressing up in a relatively warm climate? Sure, a cotton suit comes close to being “essential.” If not, you’ll do fine without one.

Are you asking specifically about khaki cotton suits under $500, or any suit under $500?

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