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Hands On with the Madison Bike Blazer

My post on the Canvas Lands’ End Madison Bike Blazer had quite an outpouring of interest, so I decided to get my hands on one to see it for myself and make an in-person review.

It’s a fantastic garment.

J. Henley, Lands’ End’s menswear design director, shared with me that the jacket features “Merino Wool blend that has natural performance properties.” I think that drew some speculation that the fabric is a wool/synthetic blend, but that’s not the case — it’s 100% wool. It has a soft hand with beautiful pattern, texture and color, and the right weight for its use—it seems thick enough to keep a rider warm, but not so thick as to be uncomfortable.

The jacket is fully-lined with cotton that feels like T-shirt fabric. I suppose that should help regulate temperature while riding.

The buttons appear to be plastic and seemed a bit cheap. This is a jacket just begging to have them swapped out for horn or corozo. Update: Turns out they are corozo. Oops.

I love the look of the corduroy collar with throat-latch and reflective underlining. However, when the collar’s folded down with the latch tucked away, it has a kind of awkward bump that keeps the collar from laying flat.

It fits a lot like the unstructured Neapolitan jackets #menswear is currently obsessed with. There’s absolutely no shoulder padding, a 3 roll 2 buttoning scheme, and a somewhat high button stance.The jacket has drawn comparisons to offerings from Rapha and Brooks England, but to me it seemed to have more in common with the sort of hybrid sport coats made by Italian labels like Montedoro. In many ways, it’s more a piece of specialized outerwear than a sport coat.

You can almost use that as an excuse for wearing the sleeves long, but I prefer to see this as a sport coat. Unfortunately, with the working cuff buttons, that means alterations for me will likely run $90 for the sleeves alone. Even then, I’ve found it’s hard for my tailor to get the sleeve length precisely right. That could be a dealbreaker for me.

If you’re interested in picking up the jacket for yourself, now’s a great time to do so. Canvas Lands’ End is offering 40% off one item, plus free shipping on $50+, with promo code JINGLE (PIN 1203). That brings the Madison Bike Blazer down to just $150 shipped.

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