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eBay Searches for Super Mega-Excellent and Extremely Excellent Suits

I’m sure that, like me, many of you appreciated Put This On’s Loosey-Goosey Brand Guide for Thrifting Suits. Over the weekend, I took Jesse’s two lists and converted them to eBay searches. Figured you all might find them useful for your own eBaying.

Super-Mega Excellent Suits on eBay

Extremely Excellent Suits on eBay

After clicking through the links, simply filter the results based on your preferences (Jacket Size, Jacket Length, Price, Style, etc.) and save the search or create an RSS feed.

I took some liberties with how the searches are set up—I filtered out “B. Brioni” from the Super-Mega Excellent results, since it’s not the Brioni you’re thinking of. And for brevity, I combined some terms into one (so it searches for “Corneliani” instead of the three or four different Corneliani lines). So before you bid on anything, be sure to double-check it against Jesse’s original list to make sure you’re not getting a knock-off or diffusion lines.

Finally, please remember to use your new-found powers for good, not evil.

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