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eBay Searches for High Quality Suits, Shoes, and Sweaters

Some of my most popular posts are still the eBay searches I set up for high-quality suits, shoes, and sweaters, so to make things easier for everyone, I’ve compiled those searches onto one page.

I’ve also included links to the original posts that featured the searches. I highly recommend reading them, since they include important insight on how the searches came together, what I did or didn’t include, and why I made those choices.


Super-Mega Excellent Suits on eBay

Extremely Excellent Suits on eBay

Super-Mega Excellent Blazers and Sport Coats on eBay

Extremely Excellent Blazers and Sport Coats on eBay

Original post on these searches (see also)


High Quality Shoes on eBay

(original post)


High Quality Sweaters on eBay

High Quality Vintage Sweaters on eBay

(original post)

High Quality Menswear on YOOX

High Quality Shirts on YOOX

High Quality Suits on YOOX

High Quality Sport Coats on YOOX

High Quality Shoes on YOOX

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